Baltojo gintaro stebuklingos savybės

The magical properties of white amber

The rarest and most coveted Baltic amber has an exclusive, royal white color.
Such amber is found in only 1-2% of all found pieces of amber. It is also called bone colored or royal white due to its unique texture. White amber is loved for its appearance and decorativeness: it can be seen in cream swirls, grayish marble lines, greenish plant particles, and sometimes honey or bluish shades. This makes each piece of this amber a unique piece. Often, white amber is less polished as craftsmen strive to preserve its uniquely natural beauty.
White amber is more expensive due to its texture.
White is more difficult to process, give it the desired shape. Only highly skilled craftsmen work with white amber, as it contains thousands of micro-bubbles inside, which makes it lighter and more brittle than only other colored amber of the same shape.
In ancient times, connoisseurs believed that white amber was a great medicine. Of course it was only available to the rich. White amber treated for heart failure.
If we look through the prism of holistic medicine, white amber is valued for its miraculous properties.
It is said that it can provide inner stability, lightness, and the favor of others. Also white - considered a color of calm, which helps to focus and work purposefully, to maintain plans and traditions.
It is an amulet of noble people in their soul. Has a good effect on the brain, nervous system and endocrine system,
lymph and heart.

White amber is suitable for Taurus, Libra and Capricorns.
So when you buy a piece of jewelry with white amber, you buy a unique product that will truly enchant you.
surrounding, will help you find inner peace and always feel elegantly dressed.