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Maintenance of silver products

Silver is one of the most popular materials when choosing jewelry. It is glossy and versatile, fit
for any occasion, so it is not difficult to predict why a significant number of jewelers choose this metal.
But over time, silver loses its luster and jewelry owners no longer want to wear blackened ones
jewelry. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to update your silver luster. In this article you will find
information to help you take care of your amber and silver products safely and easily.
First of all, it is important to know that 0.950 silver products are black faster than 0.925. It looks very small
number, but purity results in faster oxidation. Sometimes oxidation is desired when
you want to highlight the pattern of the product, so be sure to choose care products for silver products,
that you do not remove the oxidation marks on your bracelet, earrings, rings or neck
gives the jewelry authenticity. They may require other means of cleaning.
Prevention of silver blackening
Wear products. The oils in the skin help the silver to cleanse and maintain its luster.
Avoid chemicals used in household cleaning. Even rubber or chlorinated water can
forcing silver to darken, as well as acid-containing substances such as mayonnaise,
eggs, mustard, onions, latex, wool. If you plan to touch these materials - silver
rings, put the bracelets aside. Direct sunlight is also not a friend of silver, so
it is better to leave home when going to tan jewelry.
Many creams, lotions, hair sprays and perfumes are also enemies of silver and cause it.
darkening. So use the wisdom of your grandmothers and only put on jewelry when all the beauty is done
and breathing procedures.
Store silver jewelry in separate plastic bags protected from direct
sunlight. Keep bracelets and chains or necklaces uncovered. Keep moisture in the box
absorption means, one of the simplest is activated carbon or silicone beads, which
often attached to footwear.
The easiest way for silver jewelry to regain its luster is to polish it with a special
napkin. Remember - silver is a soft metal that is easy to scratch, so be guided
with the advice we provide. Napkins for silver jewelry are special, so
do not mix with wipes for glasses or computer screens.
Only polish dry products. If the product is wet, absorb excess moisture with paper
napkin and allow to dry.
Polish with long movements.
Do not rub in one place.
When cleaning particularly blackened products, always change the location of the napkin with which you clean that dirt
do not apply to the area just cleaned.
If you polish silver-plated products, do so very gently so as not to remove the thin
Especially for blackened products

If the silver is extremely black - you can make a homemade silver cleaner. Important: if you are cleaning
products with amber, be sure that the cleaner does not fall on it, so if possible, hang it
remove, pull the beads off the silver chain.
The simplest cleaner is a mixture of water and soap. Choose soap free of ammonia and phosphates. That is
should be the initial stage of your cleaning. Then make a paste from soda and water
and clean the jewelry with it. You can also use an old soft toothbrush. Don't press that
do not damage the product. Then wash and pat dry.
Another cleanser is olive oil and lemon juice. Use 100 ml of lemon juice and 7
ml of olive oil. Whisk the mixture, moisten a soft cloth, clean the product,
rinse and pat dry. Avoid spilling the mixture on the amber.
A magical chain cleaner: baking powder, salt, aluminum foil and boiling water.
Suitable only for silver products without stones or glued parts. Line the glass container with aluminum foil
shiny side up. Add two teaspoons of salt and soda. Pour a glass of boiling
water, stir. Put in the silverware and let stand in the solution for 5-10 minutes - all black
will settle on the aluminum. Strain the products through a thick sieve, rinse with water and
We hope that the silver products with amber will serve you for a long time and will delight you with its luster.