Harmonijos akmuo - Žaliasis gintaras

The stone of harmony is green amber

The ancient Greeks called amber "electron" because when rubbed into the fabric it gave a weak electric discharge. This was extremely rare. 

Amber is classified as a precious stone, as is well known, it is a pine resin that has hardened over millions of years. Amber is divided into two categories: marine amber and fossil amber.

What makes green amber green? First of all, amber "spent" many years in a swampy environment. Certain minerals gave the plants a green color. It is also possible to accentuate this color during gas treatment. Some rogue manufacturers heat amber and insert green paint to make the color more intense. Such amber loses its healing properties. Natural amber is characterized by shades of swamp, wet moss and olives. If it is natural amber, then you can see the inclusions of smelt, which give the amber a green tint. 

Green amber is believed to help control anger, curb depression, help with mental experiences, and help cope with guilt. Those who wear amber of this color can feel more open, more communicative, tolerant, joyful, and dynamic. In addition, it is a popular color that couples choose - after all, green is a symbol of freshness, youth and spring.

The green amber color can help discover the harmony of body and soul and is suitable for meditation. A large piece of green amber is not necessary for meditation - it can be a favorite pendant or bracelet. It will help calm your thoughts and focus. 

It is believed that green amber has a positive effect on the eyes, liver, various skin diseases. Green amber has always meant beauty, harmony and justice. So its effects on the psyche are closely related. It restores balance and clarity to the wearer. And when there is balance, the mind can rest. The resulting energy can then be used for new plans as problems and thoughts become more rational. Even the view of the environment becomes brightened by the green amber stone and freed from preconceptions. Understanding and reconciliation with other life circumstances emerges.

 Green amber is especially suitable for people born under the sign of Gemini, Leo and Virgo, as it provides balance. 

Interestingly, the green amber stone was already mentioned in the Bible and was in the revelation of John as the fourth of the twelve foundations of the city wall of Jerusalem.