Kuo ypatingi gintaro papuošalai?

What is so special about amber jewelry?

 Lithuanians have long loved to look beautiful, just look at the patterns of national costumes. Today is no exception. Lithuanian beauty is delicate, warm, cozy, so it needs just a few bright details to emphasize it. When it comes to Lithuanianness, it is worth noting traditional fabrics, such as linen and wool and, of course, copper and amber jewelry. The latter are extremely modern today and are loved by both girls and boys.

What is so special about amber jewelry?

Above all, they are valued for their exceptional colors. Amber can be white, yellow, brown, dark brown, red, black, have a greenish or bluish tinge. Another reason why amber jewelry is popular is its useful, sometimes considered magical properties. For young children, amber beads are worn during the germination of teeth, and women are happy to wear natural amber necklaces, which help with thyroid problems. Amber is a warming gemstone that pleasantly touches the skin and can react with it to release small doses of succinic acid. It activates the body's anti-inflammatory processes and thus helps you feel better. So amber is worth wearing for everyone.

Amber jewelry is also versatile. Modern amber products are beautiful, modern, ornate. The days when only older women chose amber in the past. Modern amber jewelry can be adapted for both everyday and festive occasions. For example, a small amber necklace can be worn in several rows to create a modest image, and by dressing it in one row and tying a knot and wearing a blouse for a deeper cut, we can create a seductive image.

When choosing amber jewelry, it is important to choose the right manufacturer. It is one that produces jewelry from natural Baltic amber. It is the oldest and has all the useful features. Amby jewelry is just that - created with love and respect for nature.